The white-label, feature-rich, configurable solution, enabling businesses to securely distribute electronic bills and invoices and accept customer payments online, by phone (CSR/IVR) and via mobile device.


Why BillerIQ?

  • Smart Electronic & Mobile Transactions

    Replace paper bills and payments with smart, efficient digital transactions via the web, phone (CSR/IVR) and mobile.

  • Improve Bottom-Line

    Proven to reduce collection cycle time and billing expenses, help businesses get paid faster, reduce Days Sales Outstanding and improve cash flow.

  • Easy to Use

    Configurable platform allows businesses exceptional flexibility including a branded website and extensive business-controlled payment options.

  • Robust Functionality

    Complete billing and payment solution with rich, industry leading features designed to meet the needs of any business.

  • Scalable Solution for All Industries

    Support the complex billing and payment needs of small businesses, middle market companies and Fortune 500 corporations. Robust capabilities cater to industry-specific challenges.

  • Customer Care & Retention

    Create more valuable and meaningful customer relationships, reduce customer service expense, and PCI compliant payments.

Our Other Solutions

DocumentIQ is the secure, electronic document management and storage solution for businesses of all sizes. To learn more, click here.

Document Presentment, Management and Storage

Enterprise Wide Access

Documents are accessible across organizations to accommodate multi-national, divisional and regional organization structures common in today’s decentralized business environment.

Transform, Archive, Retrieve, Present

Any document, any time, any place. Always available.

Multiple Data Types Accepted

Secure and flexible storage for many types of electronic data, documents and images.

Supporting Document Linkage

Link multiple related documents, across multiple applications, into a single concatenated document.

Document Notes

Notes can be attached to documents for review and can be made public or private.



Global settings include time-out, password expirations, password strength and lengths.


Ability to define roles and specify access levels within each role.


Search and locate specific users and view users based on their status, including pending, active or inactive.

Customer Enrollment

Enrollment via Data Upload

Automatically and seamlessly load all customer data into DocumentIQ.


Customers self-register with immediate access to the site.

Access Methods

Single Sign-On

Customers log in once at the business’s corporate website and gain access to DocumentIQ with no need to re-authenticate.

Direct Access

Customers log in directly to the Document website for the ability to view, save and export documents.

Scanning Services

Off-Site Services

Data scanning services at locations throughout the United States.

Many Conversion Types

Conversion of paper, CD, Microfilm, microfiche and large format drawings to electronic image.

Bill & Invoice Presentment

Detail Bill Presentment

Display detailed bill information including individual line items and account information, reproducing all information available on paper bills, invoices and statements.

Summary Bill Presentment

Display basic bill information including due date, amount due, account number, customer name and address.

PDF Bill Presentment

Display an exact replica of a customer’s paper bill via PDF or other image format. Ability to display PDF's stored within BillerIQ, from your data center or at a third party document repository.

3-Way Document Matching

Link related documents to a bill or invoice, such as purchase orders and proof of delivery.


Bank Account, Credit and Debit Card

Payments via bank account (ACH), credit card and debit card give customers the ultimate flexibility to pay based on their individual preferences.

Multiple Payment Channels

Payments via a configurable Web interface, Customer Service Rep (CSR), Interactive Voice Response unit (IVR), tablet or smartphone.

One-Time and Registered

Customers can enroll to create an account, set personalized payment methods and reminders or make one-time payments.

Recurring Payment Plans

Robust recurring payment options enable customers to set many types of specific payment instructions for future payments.

Future-Dated Payments

Payments can be made on the current date or on a future date.

Convenience Fees & Surcharges

BillerIQ offers robust convenience fee and surcharge capabilities, which are effective in both regulated and non-regulated industries.

Non-Invoice Related Payments

Customers can make a payment not related to a bill on invoice in the system.


Businesses can display and calculate customer discounts based on pre-determined rules.

Configurable Platform

Single Branded Websites

One website with one set of branding.

Multi-Branded Websites

One website with multiple levels of branding, often for subsidiaries or divisions.

Multiple Websites

Multiple websites, each with unique branding within one organization.

Full Web Page View

Presented as a full web page.

iFrame View

Nested browsing, embeds a page into the current page with the web banner intact.

Flexible Ingestion and Distribution

Flexible ingestion formats and distribution options.

Flexible Search and Results

Configurable search fields with range and wildcard functions. Results can return single or concatenated documents with robust sorting and filtering options.

Data Export

Search results can be exported to Excel or text file for upload or analysis.

Provisioning Tools

Resellers can fully set up a new business on BillerIQ very quickly with no development effort or expense. Plus, businesses can customize which features they choose to offer their customers.

Unique User Dashboards

Separate portals for resellers, businesses, customer service centers, and bill payers allow for appropriate security permissions, functions, and access for each unique user group.

Branded Website

Each business gets a branded payment site including the businesses logo, color scheme, message to customers, and links back to the businesses website.

Reusable Templates for Easy Setup

Standard and industry-specific templates with critical functionality can be saved and copied to allow for easy and repeatable implementations.

Hierarchy Management Tools

Support resellers and businesses with multiple divisions, regions and subgroups through multi-layer hierarchy. The top level can view all activities on a single dashboard while each subgroup can view only business-specific details.

Link Multiple Accounts

Bill payers with multiple billing accounts within the same business can link those accounts and view all with the same username and password.

Shared Account Access

Bill payers can allow others to share access to their billing account, enabling multiple people to connect to, view and pay via the same billing account. This is especially useful for splitting bill payments.


Robust global settings including time-out and passwords. Ability to define roles and specific access levels and to view specific users based on their customer status.

Control of Funds

Multiple Account Settlement

Direct payments to a business’s specific Demand Deposit Account(s) (DDA) and Credit Card Merchant Identification Number(s) (MID), enabling one business to settle payments to multiple bank accounts.

Dispute Management

Businesses can allow their customers to select from a range of business defined reason or use free-form text to explain short payments or overpayments.

Stop Payment Managmement

Businesses can place a “stop” on a specific customer’s account to prohibit any online payments.

Control Payment Amounts

Business can choose to allow customers to pay the amount due or variations more or less than the amount due.

Customer Service Center

Customer Enrollment

Ability for the customer service center to enroll a new customer.

Recurring Payment Setup

Ability for the customer service center to create, manage and delete recurring payments on behalf of customers.

Payment Authorization & Management

Ability for the customer service center to process payments and add payment methods on behalf of customers.

Bill & Credit Management

Ability for the customer service center to manually enter a new bill record or credit and simultaneously accept a payment, enabling support for customers who have not yet been entered into the billing system.


Reseller Reports

Individual business and aggregated reports including production, stop payment, payment details, and more.

Business Reports

Activity summaries, customer status reports, deposit information, accounts receivable reconciliation, recurring payments, file upload status, and more.

Customer Reports

Payment history, payment details, pending payments, and more.

Notifications & Reminders

Email Notifications

Notification provided via email to a user when a document is available for online viewing or a change is made to their e-consent status.

Email & Text

All notifications and reminders are available via both email and text message.

Bills & Invoice Reminders

Notifications when bills are available, due dates are approaching or have passed.

Payment Notifications

Confirmation when payments have been made and in advance of recurring payments.

Card Expiration

Businesses can choose to have reminders sent to their customers when their saved credit card is approaching expiration.

Two-Way Messaging

Businesses can send customized messages to customers on bills and post messages on the payment website.

e-Consent Forms

Consent to paper suppression during registration or at a later time, with the ability to suppress all documents or only certain documents.

Advanced Integrations

Data Exchange Automation

An automated SFTP site handles the receipt of billing files and stop files and the transmission of accounts receivable files.

Bill File Integration

BillerIQ has the ability to simply ingest data from a variety of accounting systems.

Single Sign-On

Customers authenticate on the business’s website and are seamlessly transferred to the BillerIQ payment site with no re-authentication. Customers have the ability to save payment methods, make future dated payments, or setup recurring payments.

Accounts Receivable File Integration

BillerIQ’s Accounts Receivable reconciliation report can be easily exported from the system and imported into any business’s accounting software.

Secure Handoff

Customers make payments without ever leaving the business’s corporate website – Transactis serves as the payment engine. Secure Handoff provides real time post-back.

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