DocumentIQ is a secure and efficient digital document management and storage solution that provides companies of all sizes with the capability to transform, archive and present any document electronically and reduce print and storage costs.


Why DocumentIQ?

  • Smart Document Storage

    Secure and flexible storage for many types of electronic data, documents and images.

  • Secure and Compliant

    Meets the strictest compliance and regulatory requirements of the largest financial institutions and most demanding corporations.

  • Enterprise-Wide Access

    Globally accessible documents, available 24/7 that support efficient and cost effective business processes.

  • Serves Businesses of All Sizes

    Effectively manage and present business critical documents online that meet the needs of some of the world’s largest corporations.

  • Customizable Solution

    Flexible, fully customizable solution that meets any business’s complex document management needs.

  • Robust Capabilities

    Complete document management and storage solution with rich features designed to meet the needs of any business.

Our Other Solutions

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Document Presentment, Management and Storage

Transform, Archive, Retrieve, Present

Any document, any time, any place. Always available.

Multiple Data Types Accepted

Secure and flexible storage for many types of electronic data, documents and images.

Supporting Document Linkage

Link multiple related documents, across multiple applications, into a single concatenated document.

Document Notes

Notes can be attached to documents for review and can be made public or private.

Enterprise Wide Access

Documents are accessible across organizations to accommodate multi-national, divisional and regional organization structures common in today’s decentralized business environment.



Global settings include time-out, password expirations, password strength and lengths.


Ability to define roles and specify access levels within each role.


Search and locate specific users and view users based on their status, including pending, active or inactive.

Customer Enrollment

Enrollment via Data Upload

Automatically and seamlessly load all customer data into DocumentIQ.


Customers self-register with immediate access to the site.

Access Methods

Single Sign-On

Customers log in once at the business’s corporate website and gain access to DocumentIQ with no need to re-authenticate.

Direct Access

Customers log in directly to the Document website for the ability to view, save and export documents.

Scanning Services

Off-Site Services

Data scanning services at locations throughout the United States.

Many Conversion Types

Conversion of paper, CD, Microfilm, microfiche and large format drawings to electronic image.

Configurable Platform

Single Branded Websites

One website with one set of branding.

Multi-Branded Websites

One website with multiple levels of branding, often for subsidiaries or divisions.

Multiple Websites

Multiple websites, each with unique branding within one organization.

Full Web Page View

Presented as a full web page.

iFrame View

Nested browsing, embeds a page into the current page with the web banner intact.

Flexible Ingestion and Distribution

Flexible ingestion formats and distribution options.

Flexible Search and Results

Configurable search fields with range and wildcard functions. Results can return single or concatenated documents with robust sorting and filtering options.

Data Export

Search results can be exported to Excel or text file for upload or analysis.

Notifications & Reminders

Email Notifications

Notification provided via email to a user when a document is available for online viewing or a change is made to their e-consent status.

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