BillerIQ enables payments for tuition, after school services, campus housing, meal plans, memberships, donations, season tickets, enrichment programs and all related fees to be made online, by phone and mobile device. From nursery schools to universities, BillerIQ is a great way for schools and students save time and costs.

Applicable BillerIQ Features

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Detail Bill Presentment

Display detailed bill information including individual line items and account information, reproducing all information available on paper bills, invoices and statements.

Stop Payment Managmement

Businesses can place a “stop” on a specific customer’s account to prohibit any online payments.

Link Multiple Accounts

Bill payers with multiple billing accounts within the same business can link those accounts and view all with the same username and password.

Shared Account Access

Bill payers can allow others to share access to their billing account, enabling multiple people to connect to, view and pay via the same billing account. This is especially useful for splitting bill payments.

Control Payment Amounts

Business can choose to allow customers to pay the amount due or variations more or less than the amount due.

Recurring Payment Plans

Robust recurring payment options enable customers to set many types of specific payment instructions for future payments.

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