BillerIQ allows banks, collection agencies, insurance companies and other financial services organizations to accept electronic payments in accordance with the strict industry regulations.

Applicable BillerIQ Features

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Multiple Account Settlement

Direct payments to a business’s specific Demand Deposit Account(s) (DDA) and Credit Card Merchant Identification Number(s) (MID), enabling one business to settle payments to multiple bank accounts.

Stop Payment Managmement

Businesses can place a “stop” on a specific customer’s account to prohibit any online payments.

Link Multiple Accounts

Bill payers with multiple billing accounts within the same business can link those accounts and view all with the same username and password.

PDF Bill Presentment

Display an exact replica of a customer’s paper bill via PDF or other image format. Ability to display PDF's stored within BillerIQ, from your data center or at a third party document repository.

Recurring Payment Plans

Robust recurring payment options enable customers to set many types of specific payment instructions for future payments.

Convenience Fees & Surcharges

BillerIQ offers robust convenience fee and surcharge capabilities, which are effective in both regulated and non-regulated industries.

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