BillerIQ suits the hospitality industry from timeshares and resorts to country club memberships with robust recurring payment capabilities and detailed bill presentment.

Applicable BillerIQ Features

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Detail Bill Presentment

Display detailed bill information including individual line items and account information, reproducing all information available on paper bills, invoices and statements.

Multiple Account Settlement

Direct payments to a business’s specific Demand Deposit Account(s) (DDA) and Credit Card Merchant Identification Number(s) (MID), enabling one business to settle payments to multiple bank accounts.

Control Payment Amounts

Business can choose to allow customers to pay the amount due or variations more or less than the amount due.

Recurring Payment Plans

Robust recurring payment options enable customers to set many types of specific payment instructions for future payments.

Hierarchy Management Tools

Support resellers and businesses with multiple divisions, regions and subgroups through multi-layer hierarchy. The top level can view all activities on a single dashboard while each subgroup can view only business-specific details.

Single Sign-On

Customers log in once at the business’s corporate website and gain access to DocumentIQ with no need to re-authenticate.

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