BillerIQ enhances the ability of the media industry to deliver, view and approve large, complex advertising and subscription invoices online with the ability to link e-scripts and e-tear sheets to invoices.

Applicable BillerIQ Features

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3-Way Document Matching

Link related documents to a bill or invoice, such as purchase orders and proof of delivery.

Detail Bill Presentment

Display detailed bill information including individual line items and account information, reproducing all information available on paper bills, invoices and statements.

Stop Payment Managmement

Businesses can place a “stop” on a specific customer’s account to prohibit any online payments.

Dispute Management

Businesses can allow their customers to select from a range of business defined reason or use free-form text to explain short payments or overpayments.

PDF Bill Presentment

Display an exact replica of a customer’s paper bill via PDF or other image format. Ability to display PDF's stored within BillerIQ, from your data center or at a third party document repository.

Recurring Payment Plans

Robust recurring payment options enable customers to set many types of specific payment instructions for future payments.

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